Immigration: Beyond the Headlines

Immigration: Beyond the Headlines is a three-part film series produced by Firelight Media to help communities understand and grapple with immigration in a productive way. The three 10-minute films highlight key issues in the current debate and probe the moral and human dimensions of current immigration policy.

Director/Producer: Christine Turner


Part 1: Battleground Arizona

The first film in this series focuses on migrant workers with an examination of the fierce debate on immigration enforcement in Arizona, both at the border and in the city of Phoenix.


Part 2: Raid in New Bedford

The second film in this series reveals the human face of deportations, and follows the experiences of an immigrant mother who was detained during the 2007 raid at a manufacturing plant in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Part 3: Guest Workers

The third film in this series takes viewers into the world of the guest workers brought to help with reconstruction in the Gulf Coast, and examines the impact of these programs on immigrants and African Americans in the region.