Photo: Mark Maziarz

Photo: Mark Maziarz

Christine Turner is a filmmaker based in New York.  Her critically-acclaimed documentary Homegoings, premiered at Documentary Fortnight at MoMA, NY and was broadcast nationally on the PBS series, POV.  Christine's short fiction work includes: Rubber SolesYou Can Go, and most recently Hold On, which screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. 

As a documentary director, producer and researcher, Christine regularly collaborates on projects for television.  Over the years she has worked with many of New York's leading nonfiction companies including Firelight Films (Stanley Nelson), HBO Documentaries, Public Affairs Television (Bill Moyers), Part2 Pictures, and Left/Right, to name a few.

Currently, Christine is a fellow in the 2016-17 Sony Pictures Television Diverse Directors Program.  Originally from San Francisco, she received her BFA in Film from NYU.



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